CoVId-19 UpdateS

Commodore's Update

May 23, 2020

In searching for an appropriate sailing metaphor for the current situation we are in in regards to the pandemic, I can see a strong correlation between our social distancing and shelter in place orders, to being stuck in a “hole”. For folks who might not be sailors reading this, a hole is a spot on the lake where there is no wind. No wind means no movement forward and depending on the current might even mean movement backward. Being stuck in a hole tests every sailor’s patience and creates a challenge to find a way out of it. Sometimes the only way out is to just simply wait for the wind to come back up. Having been stuck in more than my fair share of holes I can only attest to the fact that they don’t last forever….(although seeing nearly 100 boats slip on by to the finish the Chicago-Mac as we sat motionless through the night certainly felt like forever….) Just like every hole has an end, so to this situation we are in will end. In the meantime it is going to test our patience, ingenuity and require us to step up our level of compassion and care for those around us if we are to “leave this hole” unscathed.

Dave Johnson

DYC Board Meeting Overview

On Monday, May 18th the DYC leadership team gathered together virtually to listen to members' concerns, ideas and suggestions as well as to make some decisions about what path to take forward. Before the meeting we looked over several different resources to help us make wise and informed decisions. Here are the main takeaways from that meeting:

  • The board is fully committed to the safety and well being of every person in the club and in our community
  • Racing is suspended for June due to serious concerns about the ability to maintain social distancing on a racing sailboat
  • We will meet again on Monday, June 15 to discuss options for July
    • While we hold out hope, we as a leadership team are not optimistic about a return to normal fleet racing this summer
  • The social committee is committed to making virtual social opportunities available to DYC members throughout the summer
  • Jim Welinski, Bob Schroer and John Hoenig are working on a plan for a rally type, short handed/household group series, to encourage folks to get out sailing
  • The DYC Leadership Team is humbled by the support that folks have displayed by signing up for memberships even when you realize that this season will not be anything like any other season we have enjoyed
  • We will step up our efforts to keep you informed of educational opportunities that are available online for sailors
  • Thanks to the tireless efforts of David and Susan Turnham, the Leading Edge is on its way to the home addresses of current DYC members

Link to the full minutes of the May 18, 2020 DYC Board Meeting