Protest Information

Protest Process

  • The protest process will follow RRS Part 5 unless changed here or in the Sailing Instructions.
  • The protesting boat is required to notify the committee boat after finishing, and before leaving the finish area, that a protest will be filed. Protesting boats will have 24 hours after the last boat in the race finishes to submit a protest form and will have the option of doing so electronically by emailing or by delivering a hard copy to a race committee member.
  • Protests shall be written on the RRS protest form available in the DYC Leading Edge or on the DYC Website. Lacking a proper protest form, a protesting boat shall provide in writing the information required under RRS 61.2: to
  • All parties to the hearing shall be notified of the time and place of the hearing and shall be allowed reasonable time to prepare for the hearing.

Important Notice Of Limitation Of Liability

The Duluth Keel Club and/or Race Committee, its members or any other committee shall not be liable for any injury or damage whatsoever to persons or property whether caused by or resulting from their act, omission or alleged negligence, or from weather or sea conditions, hazards of any kind, defects or failure of yachts to be seaworthy in hull, rigging or gear, or any acts, omissions or alleged negligence of other participants which may occur during or arising out of or in connection with any race, regatta, event, cruise, spectacle or any activity sponsored or aided in whole or in part by the Duluth Keel Club.

Notice is hereby given to all participants (including crew, spectators, officials and others) that they participate in any activity solely at their own risk. Skippers of participating yachts are required to apprise all crew members of this Limitation of Liability as a Condition of Entry.